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Indiana athletic trainers' association


Governmental Affairs Committee 

Committee Chair

Lucas Dargo


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Follow the Bills We Track

The IATA Government Affairs Committee monitors the bills submitted for consideration during this legislative session. During the Legislative Session, click here to see the current bills being tracked by the IATA Government Affairs Committee. 

Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Advocating for issues and practices that support quality healthcare for Hoosiers and advances the athletic training profession is the responsibility of all athletic trainers, including IATA and its leadership. Engaging in advocacy takes many forms – from simply sharing information with employers and insurers to involvement in the legislative process – and occurs at the local, state, and national level.

Advocating for quality healthcare is a key part of IATA’s mission. Our Governmental Affairs Committee is working to fulfill that mission through a variety of activities, including ensuring that IATA has an active presence at the State House and collaborating with other professionals and key stakeholders.

The legislative process is a complicated and often confusing one. IATA has boots on the ground on a daily basis in the form of a Governmental Affairs firm serving as your lobbyist. The Corydon Group (TCG) and, in particular, Lou Belch, IATA’s long-time lobbyist, is the eyes and ears of IATA while the General Assembly is in session and during the Interim Session as well. TCG identifies and monitors bills relevant to athletic trainers and works closely with the IATA Governmental Affairs to offer input as bills move through the legislative process.


Information regarding the scope of practice of Indiana Athletic Trainers can be found on the Members Only page (log in required).

Legal Opinions

  • Professional Education in Athletic Training: An Examination of the Professional Degree Level
  • House Enrolled Act 1290 and Status of Athletic Trainer Scope of Practice
  • Law Affecting Coverage of Certain Athletic Trainer Services

The Governmental Affairs Committee obtains information on all legislation affecting athletic training in Indiana. This committee is also tasked with monitoring the current athletic training practice act.


It is a time of rapid change and uncertainty. Health care has been declared a top priority by the Indiana General Assembly and Administration and sweeping changes are in store. What these will be is unclear. How they will affect you and athletic training is uncertain, but they certainly will. The LAT- PAC is an important part of the lobbying effort of the IATA and we need your support to keep it active.

The LAT-PAC increases the athletic training community’s influence with the Indiana General Assembly. With your contribution, we will be able to build on the success that the IATA has enjoyed in legislative sessions and help elect legislators who understand the importance of a strong medical community.

Please contribute generously to the LAT-PAC today!

Make checks payable and return to: LAT-PAC, 125 W. Market Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Contributions to the LAT-PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Voluntary political contributions should be written on personal checks or made with personal credit cards.

LATPAC (Licensed Athletic Trainers Political Action Committee)

The purposes of the LAT-PAC (Licensed Athletic Trainers-Political Action Committee) are many fold: increase the awareness of the profession of athletic training to legislators within the State of Indiana; educate IATA members about the governmental affairs that effect them; utilize the political process to the advantage of the IATA; further the interest of the IATA by endorsing candidates and contribute funds to endorsed candidates; encourage athletic trainers to be active participants in the governmental process and lastly; organize fund raising events to support future LAT-PAC legislative efforts.

Indiana athletic trainers' association

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