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8:00 am

IATA Welcome
Justin Miller, IATA President

Value and Opportunity for Athletic Trainers
Kathy Dieringer, EdD, LAT, ATC

9:00 am

Break with Exhibitors

9:15 am

Creating a More Inclusive Environment for LGBTQ+ Athletes
This presentation will highlight the cultural competence knowledge gap and its effects on healthcare for the LGBTQ+ athlete community. Clinical outcomes will be established by reviewing resources and initiatives from the NATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee, university student affairs, Athlete Ally and LGBT Safe Sport. Athletic trainers will walk away knowing the importance of cultural competence education and be introduced to several resources they can utilize to educate themselves and their peers to accomplish the goal of creating a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ athletes.
Neal Stepp, MS, LAT, ATC

Finding Wealth as an Athletic Trainer
"Finding Wealth as an Athletic Trainer" is an interactive experience exploring the 10 Forms of Wealth that lead to happiness, success, and life balance. Participants will actively assess all areas of their life and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, as they see them currently. In completing this activity, and putting it to use on a regular basis, athletic trainers can look forward to finding balance, clarity, and overall wealth in their life. Whether athletic trainers are looking for ways to find their dream job, make more money, decrease stress, seek clarity about where they are in life, or just learn new ways to become the BEST version of themselves they can be, ALL athletic trainers will benefit from this assessment tool! Athletic trainers can also use this tool with athletes, patients, family, friends, colleagues, and more. The sky is the limit with opportunities to finding wealth, so plan on DREAMING BIG into SUCCESS!
Amber Kivett, ATC, CSCS, FMS, FMT

10:15 am

Break with Exhibitors

10:45 am

Sleep: What Do We Know?
Optimal, high quality sleep is critical for health and is considered one of the most potent performance enhancers available, and it's free. During sleep, many processes take place including repairing and rebuilding muscle, and the pruning and forming of new memories. For athletes, sub-optimal sleep can lead to health risks, impaired mood, and shorter time to exhaustion, poor nutrition choices, and greater injury risk. Ralph Reiff will present the science of sleep in a down-to-earth manner the audience will accept. The tactics to achieve incremental positive changes in sleep will be presented and discussed. Sleep hygiene is the starting point to improve personal sleep efficiency and benefits
Ralph Reiff ATC LAT

Fueling the High School Athlete
The presentation will provide the current evidence on nutrition needs, risks, and recommendations for adolescent athletes. Learn practical tools and resources to encourage positive food choices for growth and performance in the high school setting. Lastly, this presentation will identify interventions and outcomes sports dietitians have used with high school athletes and Athletic Trainers.
Melanie Battaglia, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

11:45 am

Annual Business Meeting

1:45 pm

Break with Exhibitors

2:00 pm

Mini Lab

Successful Management of an Opioid Overdose Incident
The opioid epidemic is an ongoing problem for our country, many people do not realize the amount of people it affects. As athletic trainers providing healthcare in our communities, we should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage an opioid overdose emergency. This presentation will cover background, knowledge, and skills on opioid overdose management.
Kylie Fendrick DAT, LAT, ATC

Mini Lab

24 hour Effects of PNF and MWM Techniques on Hip Flexion ROM and Motor Control
This presentation is a report on an original clinical research study performed by the speakers (Karen Holmes co-presenting). The presentation will include a mini-lab where the manual techniques used in the study will be demonstrated to attendees. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice the manual skills used in the research study.
Andrew Doyle, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS, Astym-Cert.
Karen Holmes DAT, LAT, ATC

3:00 pm

Learning Lab 

Blood Flow Restriction: Practical Applications for the Athletic Trainer
This session will discuss the current state of the evidence related to resistance training with blood flow restriction (BFR). Information will be presented on the use of BFR for maximizing recovering from injury or surgery. The safety of exercise with BFR after common surgeries and injures will be analyzed. A brief overview of mechanisms for pain relief will be covered along with information on the mechanism responsible for facilitation of hypertrophy, particularly as they relate to rehabilitation. The current clinical applications of BFR in rehabilitation will be explored and the practical challenges of applying BFR will be examined.
John Kiesel, PT, DPT

Learning Lab

Concussion Rehabilitation: Exertional and Vestibular Considerations
A lecture and lab focused session on the vestibular, oculomotor, and exertional aspects of concussion rehabilitation. This session's aim is to be very practical so that participants can apply the learned knowledge and skills immediately afterwards to help their athletes and patients.
Bryan Gezon, PT, DPT, OCS

5:00 pm

3:00 pm Learning Labs repeated

7:00 pm

End of Symposium 

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