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Walter “Kip” Smith – 2000

Indiana University
8th IATA President

A native Hoosier, Kip Smith earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana State University and a master’s degree from Arizona State University. Kip began his career at the University of Pittsburgh but moved back to Indiana in 1983 to become the Head Football Athletic Trainer at Indiana University. Professionally, Kip has served on many committees at the state, district and national levels. He served as IATA President from 1998 – 2000 and has been instrumental with his work and accomplishments in the area of Governmental Affairs. Also while serving as President, Kip worked to contract for lobbyist and other services through KWK Management Group that would help the IATA run more efficiently. Another accomplishment was the passage of SB 401 which made technical amendments to our Scope of Practice which made it more of a true licensure law (1999-2000 Legislative Session).

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