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Help promote the profession of athletic training in Indiana.

Sponsorship of Indiana Athletic Trainers Association is a win-win situation for your company or organization and the IATA. Your sponsorship dollars go to establish and maintain scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate athletic training students, Insure research grants for future scientific developments in athletic training, Supports educational meetings for the continuing education of currently certified & licensed athletic trainers in Indiana. In return your company or organization receives exposure to over 1000 IATA members in the state of Indiana. The IATA executive council has established an exciting plan for you to be a corporate sponsor. Multi-level sponsorship provides benefits to you from the IATA for the designated level of contribution. Take time to visit the sponsorship levels page and decide on the level that best fits your company or organization. The profession of athletic training is growing every day as our population becomes more active. This is your chance to be a part of that growing trend.

How can I become IATA Corporate Sponsor?

If you have an interest in becoming a corporate sponsor of the IATA you can contact any IATA member but for more specific information please contact the IATA office: Kim Williams, kwilliams@thecorydongroup.com


Indiana athletic trainers' association

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