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502 East Event Centre, 502 E Carmel Dr, Carmel, IN 46032



At the conclusion of this program, the participant should be able to:

    1. Identify career opportunities for athletic training professionals outside of the traditional model.
    2. Understand the scope of the youth APEDs (appearance and performance enhancing drug) epidemic including side effects and risks with using APEDs and the social pressures that are driving this behavior.
    3. Understand the scope of the youth dietary supplement problem including challenges of the supplement buying process, supplement safety, athlete education, good nutritional practices, and the social pressures that are driving this behavior.
    4. Describe the new curricular content in the CAATE standards, assess one’s current practice status and compare it to current CAATE standards, and develop a plan to decrease one’s own practice gap through continuing education.
    5. Understand the purpose and feasibility of telehealth in patient care and incorporating healthcare informatics in communication and continuity of care.
    6. Understand how NCAA bylaws affect athletic trainers in the collegiate setting and their role in promoting work-life balance.
    7. Understand the natural history, evaluation, and management of pediatric inguinal hernias, chest wall anomalies, and solid organ injuries.
    8. Identify uses for blood flow restriction techniques in resistance and endurance exercise programs, safety considerations in blood flow restriction techniques, and practical applications in a periodization program.
    9. Discuss the concept of practice-based research and how it can help translate laboratory research into clinical practice and inform clinical decision-making.
    10. Compare and contrast the roles of an industrial athletic trainer with those in the athletic setting and identify the healthcare needs of the industrial athlete.
    11. Identify the need for standardizing EMR data and the process of implementing documentation systems in athletic training practices.
    12. Identify the importance and reasoning for quality improvement and discuss strategies to implement quality improvement into athletic training practice



     7:00 AM Registration/Visit Exhibits
     8:00 AM

    AT Education Changes and Its Impact on Employers and Current ATs
    Dr. Dorice Hankemeier, PhD, ATC and Timothy K. Drudge, MS, LAT, ATC


    Pediatric Surgery/Trauma
    Matthew P. Landman, MD, MPH, FAAP, FACS


    Outside the Lines: Identifying and Exploring Non-Traditional Athletic Training Practice Settings
    David Noble, MS, LAT
    Jordan Shown, ATC, LAT

     9:30 AM

    Break with Exhibitors

     9:45 AM

    NCAA By-laws Concerning ‘Countable Athletically Related Activities’ and the Collegiate Athletic Trainer’s Work-Life Balance
    Robert Bradley, EdD, LAT, ATC


    Blood Flow Restriction
    Trent Cayot, PhD


    Zachary Winkleman, MS, LAT, ATC

     10:45 AM Break with Exhibitors
     11:00 AM                       

    The Role of Sports Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Safety for Athletes: Solving the Complex Nutrition and Supplement Puzzle
    Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN


    High School ATs Roundtable

     12:00 PM

    Lunch/Annual Business Meeting/Awards

     1:45 PM

    The Role of Sports Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Safety for Athletes: Solving the Complex Nutrition and Supplement Puzzle
    Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN

     2:45 PM Break with Exhibitors
     3:00 PM

    Caring for the Industrial Athlete
    Amy Myers, MA, LAT, ATC, CEISTM


    Implementing an EMR System into Clinical Practice
    Nicole DeStefano, MS, LAT, ATC
    Beth Miotke, LAT, ATC, PTA
    Sarah Rowe, LAT, ATC
    DeAnne Green, MS, LAT, ATC

     4:00 PM Break with Exhibitors
     4:15 PM        

    Implementing Evidence into Practice: The “Nuts and Bolts” of Practice-Based Research in Athletic Training
    Matthew Rivera, DAT, LAT, ATC
    Cameron Powden, PhD, ATC


    Evidence-Based Strategies for Quality Improvement in Healthcare
    Connor Burton, DAT, LAT, ATC

     5:15 PM End of Day

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