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Indiana athletic trainers' association


22 Aug 2018 11:31 AM | Anonymous

2016 - 2018


  • Made the role of Indiana state representative to GLATA a separate position within the IATA EC. The President no longer has a dual role.
  • Completed a full review of use of association management group. Completed an RFP to assure we were using the appropriate group
  • Completed a review of Summer and Fall meetings that ultimately resulted in a significant change to our meeting dates.
  • Oversaw completion of the NATA Third party reimbursement Pilot Program. Indiana saw great results in several area including a significant increase in number of payers reimbursing for AT services and number of AT’s billing for services.
  • Was instrumental in negotiating a $10,000 reduction in fees to be paid in final year of Third Party Project resulting in significant savings for the IATA.
  • Website redesign was done resulting in an updated look and increased functionality
  • Policies and procedures and Bylaws were both reviewed and appropriate changes were established
  • Along with others, helped to assured continuation of Athletic Training licensure through presentation / testimony in front of state legislative group.
  • Along with others, helped secure passing of HB 1024 Heat Preparedness Training for coaches.
  • Helped to begin to change the perception of the IATA as less of a “Good old boys” network.


  • Pending changes to educational model for AT’s
  • Philosophical differences between Educators, Clinicians, High School, etc. This makes everything more challenging. How do we bridge the gap that exists between us?
  • Continual battle with apathy that exists within our membership

Memory / Words of Wisdom

“I began my athletic training career with a simple motto for myself…..’Make a Difference.’ I would encourage all AT’s to simply strive to make a difference. One does not have to run for office or be directly involved with the IATA to make a difference. Work hard, be a good, positive role model for all, be enthusiastic about our great profession……This is how one makes a difference.”

Indiana athletic trainers' association

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