Presidential History

IATA Presidents

 1984 - 1986  David Craig
 1986 - 1988  Ralph Reiff 
 1988 - 1990  Jack Mansfield
 1990 - 1992  Steve Risinger
 1992 - 1994  Sherm Izsak
 1994 - 1995  Mike Ferrara
 1995 - 1998  Rick Shaw
 1998 - 2000  Kip Smith
 2000 - 2002  Katie Grove
 2002 - 2004  Joe Harvey
 2004 - 2006  Ned Shannon
 2006 - 2008  Paul Plummer
 2008 - 2010  Craig Voll
 2010 - 2012  John Locke
 2012 - 2014  Scott Lawrance
 2014 - 2016  Brad Gerig
 2016 - 2018  Bruce Willard

(Pictured from L to R) Row 1: David Craig, Craig Voll. Row 2: Katie Grove, John Locke.

Row 3: Ned Shannon, Steve Risinger, Kip Smith. Row 4: Rick Shaw, Ralph Reiff





  • The forming of our state association
  • The support of the Indiana Medical Association. The IMA offered their offices on North Meridian and 38th Street as a place to hold Executive Council Meetings.


  • To introduce legislation to regulate the practice of athletic training
  • To learn how many athletic trainers were practicing in Indiana

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“Our relationships with the team physicians made the organization of the IATA along with its establishment and recognition possible. I cannot forget the driving force was the foresight of Pinky Newell who encouraged the importance of forming a recognized state organization. Early on, this was a learning procedure for us as well as the state legislature. We had to be sensitive to the ‘grand fathering’ of long time dedicated athletic trainers while elevating the justifications of practice.”


1986 - 1988


  • IATA Fall Meeting was started and held on Butler University campus
  • First IATA logo was created


  • Managing a new exciting professional organization
  • Governmental acknowledgement of the Athletic Trainer as a professional
  • Discernment of licensure versus certification in state regulation as direction to push

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“My special memories were of the state meetings at Butler…moving from a business meeting to an educational and business meeting format. “


1988 - 1990


  • Drafted Indiana Athletic Training Licensure Bill and had assigned to committee; Goal was to move IATA away from the teacher-trainer concept.
  • Expanded Executive Council Board to include student representation and more diversified areas of practice of athletic trainers
  • At the request of several practicing athletic trainers, introduced an IATA summer meeting
  • Moved the GLATA representative position from an elected position to a responsibility of the IATA President
  • Initiated conversations that High School All-Star team athletic trainers should be selected by IATA


  • Recognition of the profession; the athletic training profession incurred considerable pushback from physical therapy (PT) and chiropractic associations.
  • As the profession expanded/changed, differing responsibilities often led to divergent ideas.
  • Indiana and the IATA was populated with ‘icons’ of educational programs and individuals; merging the changing landscape of athletic training and established programs and leadership was tenuous

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“Athletic trainers are special people; we are athletic trainers because we care. Everyone has a story of spending hours in the ER with an athlete, or returning to campus to see an athlete [or coach!], or the long, long road trips to practice our trade in less than ideal conditions. In spite of the long and crazy hours, our profession is one of the most rewarding vocations. And it is because we care. I am honored and humbled to be a Past President of the IATA – to see the continued leadership the IATA provides to the profession of athletic training.”




  • Hired Dick Harris, a former Senator from the Evansville area, to serve as the IATA’s first lobbyist
  • Developed the IATA’s first licensure bill
  • Started the IATA student scholarship program
  • Hosted the 25th GLATA Silver Anniversary Meeting at the Adams Mark Hotel in Indianapolis
  • Enhanced more public visibility and awareness by moving the IATA Hall of Fame display from the Indiana Football Hall of Fame in Richmond to Hinkle Field House on Butler University’s campus. Ralph Reiff, Head Athletic Trainer at Butler, served as host.
  • Implemented IATA’s first membership directory
  • Appointed IATA’s first liaison to the IPTA to foster a better working relationship
  • Enhanced the IATA’s public relation effort by developing an informational brochure and display


  • Financial support was always a challenge
  • Soliciting member involvement in the IATA
  • Getting a bill into the legislature
  • Working towards having a state regulatory practice act

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“Ralph Reiff and I were at the State Capitol to visit Senator Wiese from Ft. Wayne. We stood around a lot that day attempting to speak with individuals about sponsoring and writing an athletic trainer licensure bill. Dick Harris came by and at that time he was not our IATA lobbyist. He asked Ralph and me what we were up too and we told him about our frustration. He said ‘Hold on a minute’ and took a piece of paper out, scribbled a note and gave it to the guy at the door of the Chamber. Within about five minutes Senator Wiese appeared and he spoke with us. Ralph and I looked at each other. It became very apparent to us that we needed a person to represent us in the legislature and few months later we hired Senator Harris as our first lobbyist. Sometimes you have to bring in the big dogs to get something done.

It takes many individuals to make an organization affective and function in an organized and cohesive manner. Indiana has been fortunate to have many individuals who have always been willing to give their time and talents to represent the state and district and national associations. We are very fortunate to have such individuals in our state. Thanks to all of you for your efforts.”


1992 – 1994


  • State regulation for Indiana Athletic Trainers was a culmination of many previous Presidents and Executive Council members including myself and that happened to be finalized in my term. I fully understand and take no credit for that occurring during my term as that would be selfish and just not true. However as I think back to all those that preceded me that was a monumental event in our history then, and today as so many other opportunities have come from that piece of legislation and history. I certainly know what my role was as President at that time and the parts I played but as many that preceded me there isn't enough time or space to write some of the back room stories that went with that bill being passed (Practice Act for Certified Athletic Trainers signed into law March 21, 1995).
  • Hosted the NATA National Meeting and Clinical Symposia in Indianapolis which benefited both the city and the IATA monetarily.
  • Made subtle changes to the management of the IATA and started using the lobbyist and their firm for many of our day to day operations to ease some of those burdens from the council.
  • Hosted financially prosperous Golf Outings which helped fund IATA activities to support licensing endeavor.


  • The passing of our state practice bill. Despite the challenges, state regulation has opened many doors for our profession along with preserving our profession for future years to come.
  • Raising money to support all the things we wanted to do as an organization and yet not always feeling like we had our hands out.

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“As times change so do people but most importantly we continue to do our profession proud and follow the path wherever that may be. I know I have seen dramatic change over the years, and all for the good and It makes me feel proud to know I was apart of that. As my career path has changed I have never forgotten or lost sight of my roots and still believe in everything and everyone that took me through those times of my life. They have made me a better person then and today and I truly want to Thank all of you who played a role in past as an Athletic Trainer and my current role as an Executive Vaccine Sales Representative with Merck. Thanks.”


1994 - 1995


  • The first IATA organizational strategic planning session took place and was led by Glen Snow. This helped set the direction for many future programs and initiatives for the Association.
  • Successfully hosted the 1995 NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in Indianapolis
  • Assisted GLATA in developing the profit sharing plan from the Winter Meeting revenue to the host State, supporting State associations and GLATA.
  • The first summer IATA Clinical Symposium and Awards Dinner was held in addition to the Fall meeting to enhance the educational opportunities for the members.


  • To begin the development of financial policies and procedures for the IATA and to ensure financial stability for the organization.
  • To advocate for formal recognition by the NATA for State Associations.

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“ It was a joy and honor to serve the IATA for many years from Newsletter Editor to President. While my term was shorten due to my role as Director of Medical Operations for the 1996 Paralympic Games, the association continued to grow and develop. Indiana has been fortunate to have so many great leaders and I was lucky to be a small piece of the IATA history.”


1995 – 1998


  • Restructuring of the Executive Council to work more efficiently through seventeen Bylaw changes
  • Worked to add more women athletic trainers to serve in leadership positions
  • Increased student involvement in the IATA Fall Meeting with establishment of student program and IATA “Quiz Bowl” for college students.
  • Established written financial policies and procedures to guide IATA's financial responsibility
  • Expanded IATA Executive Council meetings to monthly from the previous nine month school calendar.
  • Established Communications Committee with the goal of enhancing communications to IATA members and increasing member services
  • Created fundraising efforts for additional funds to support association activities such as logo wear, silent auction and golf outing.
  • Published annual membership and leadership directories
  • Enhanced member services through IATA Website including the first E-lection of IATA officers.
  • Created the “one focused topic” IATA Summer Meeting including the Golf Outing Fundraiser and Awards Dinner.
  • Increased grass roots public relations efforts through the Emissary Program
  • Improved member recognition statewide through "President's Excellence Award"
  • Established “IATA Board of Associates” in order to develop a networking resource with influential Hoosiers
  • Strengthened state Practice Act with the passing of HB 1102 which changed the language from Certification to Licensure for Indiana athletic trainers
  • Created and hosted the annual IATA Presidents and Officers Breakfast to inform former leaders of projects and state of the organization.
  • Strengthen the IATA's legislative stature in Indiana
  • Built relationships with other health care groups
  • Lobbied along with the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association to support bringing NATA National Meeting to Indianapolis in 2005
  • Supported jointly with the IHSAA and ISMA's Sports Medicine Commission the first "Sports Medicine Handbook for Physicians and Athletic Trainers."
  • Initiated the production of an IATA History publication
  • Initiated an IATA poster project to enhance external marketing efforts
  • The development of IATA Service Awards


  • Restructuring the IATA
  • Passage of Indiana Licensure
  • Increasing member involvement and communication.

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“I was fortunate to be the only IATA President to have the pleasure to serve longer than my elected term. My term began in 1995 as the NATA Annual Meeting concluded in Indianapolis and my predecessor, Mike Ferrara, resigned to accept a new challenge with the United States Paralympic Committee in Atlanta. I worked closely with two separate outstanding Executive Councils, who gave me the support and latitude to change the IATA to meet the needs of the future.

In completing President Ferrara’s term, we implemented annual “Strategic Planning” and identified the most efficient areas to reorganize the IATA Executive Council from a twenty-two member council to ten members - five elected officers and five appointed Chairs overseeing committee work. This reorganization expanded areas to serve our members and involved more members in the operation of the organization. As our leadership positions were streamlined, this increased our effectiveness and communication throughout the organization. This communication allowed us to become more efficient and responsive to our membership. Also, we were able to communicate our legislative goals and needs to our members immediately, long before texting and wide use of the internet.

My three years and four months as IATA President gave me the opportunity to oversee the accomplishment of many longstanding organizational goals. Establishing the IATA Summer Meeting and combining it with the Golf Outing and Fundraiser allowed more education opportunities and networking for our members. The President’s Breakfast re-involved past IATA leaders with the current IATA. The crowning accomplishment came with the passage of legislation in 1998 that converted our 1993 Certification Act into Indiana Licensure for Athletic Trainers.

I will always be very proud of the many accomplishments during my term and grateful for the intensely dedicated hard work, time consuming effort and patience of all the IATA Executive Council members that served with me. Many of these relationships have become lifelong friendships I treasure to this day. Also, the support and cooperation of athletic trainer’s statewide during the many challenges and advancements during this period will always be a high point in my career. Serving as the President of the Indiana Athletic Trainers’ Association has been the most rewarding time in my professional life. It was an honor to serve the Indiana Athletic Trainers’ Association. Thank you for the opportunity.”


1998 – 2000


  • Contracted with KWK Management Group for lobbyist and basic Association Management Services
  • Organized the LAT-PAC as a functional committee
  • Established the IATA Corporate Sponsorship as a fundraiser for educational opportunities, scholarship, and membership services
  • Passage of SB 401 which made technical amendments to our Scope of Practice which made it more of a true licensure law (1999-2000 Legislative Session)
  • Reviewed the IATA Strategic Plan to reset goals and action plans and revised the Bylaws
  • Increased student scholarship monies


  • Continuing to make advances with our Licensure law and Scope of Practice
  • Changing lobbyist services shortly after the passage of our original Licensure Law

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“I have always felt honored for the tremendous opportunity to lead this Association. My focus was to keep the Executive Council on task, to work for the membership, and keep the membership informed. My favorite saying was "I just try to keep the spokes on the wheel."


2000 - 2002


  • Developed first video conference meetings for monthly IATA Executive Council
  • Facilitated communication with High School Superintendents and Principals about changes in the IATA Practice Act
  • Developed IATA Sponsorships with the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts
  • Facilitated meetings with the NATA Board of Directors to bring the 2008-2009 NATA meeting to Indianapolis
  • Held Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Promoted development of first electronic newsletter for the IATA – called “enews”


  • Overcoming direct challenges to the Athletic Training Bill
  • Maintaining continuous communication with the lobbyist, legislators and other stakeholders
Memories / Words of Wisdom

“Anything accomplished is in direct proportion to those who surround you. I was fortunate to work with dedicated professionals who care dearly about athletic training and giving back to the profession.

A special memory is about Joe Harvey who was President-Elect. He could always be counted on to have read through the Minutes with a fine tooth comb and making corrections.”


2002 – 2004

In Memory of Joe Harvey (1960 – 2011)

Memory shared by IATA’s 11th President, Ned Shannon:

“I think one of the joys of Joe Harvey was his love to the IATA Awards Banquet. He so much loved to honor those colleagues that have gone above and beyond. Also I remember him as being very organized and efficient with all the Executive Council meetings. An example is he was always so good at finding typos or minor errors in the minutes from the previous meeting. Also his use of Roberts Rules kept everything official and fair. He was wonderful at detail.”

Memory shared by student athlete, Rachel Whitman, Class of 2011, Brebeuf Jesuit High School:

“Joe always encouraged us to fly even if we were the only one’s flying. Joe may have left this earth but his spirit will always live on in the community and in the Joe Harvey Athletic Training Room. He will always be flying with us.”




  • Improvement of the web page
  • Strengthen relationship with Central Office Management Solutions


  • Involve members especially new members to participate through chairing or serving on a committee, etc.
Memories / Words of Wisdom:

“It was extremely gratifying to participate with the Executive Council. IATA always has great people to work with.”


2006 – 2008


  • Initiated a strategic plan to focus on matching the priorities of the IATA and the use of its resources
  • Worked with Sue Finkam and Riley Children's Hospital to co-author and host information of steroid use and related facts
  • Changed the IATA logo and website design, modernized
  • Modified templates for LAT to utilize for relations with insurance companies (modeled from Wisconsin Athletic Trainers’ Association)
  • Requested opinion (via letter) from Hall Render (legal counsel) on "Delegation of Services for LAT in a Hospital Setting" and "Scope of Practice for LAT"
  • Initiated Town Hall meetings around the state related to Reimbursement topics for LAT
  • Moved honors and awards dinner from summer meeting to fall meeting for improved attendance and better recognition of members
  • Language clarified legislatively regarding high school students and their role and title in Athletic Training
  • Designated $3000 to be given to LAT-PAC annually from the golf outing
  • Supported licensure of Occupational Therapist
  • Moved IATA Hall of Fame display from Butler to Indiana Wesleyan campus
  • Met with several groups to build coalitions regarding AT reimbursement… Set the foundation for the recent legislative progress
  • Increased involvement of members and students in association business and educational programming


  • Building relationships and seeking to achieve reimbursement for LAT services
  • Marketing and communication to members and other groups about the benefits and skills of the LAT
  • Apathy and involvement of members - encouraging them to become involved and feeling like they can make a difference

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“It was a lot of work and took a lot of time but it was some of the more rewarding years professionally. Working with and leading so many awesome colleagues was the best reward as we built strong long lasting professional friendships. I can only hope that I was able to be as positive in their lives as they have been in mine. I owe so much to this great profession. I would encourage all to take an active role in the direction of our profession. Get Involved...Stay Involved.”


2008 – 2010


  • Began process of pursuing / securing passage of HEA 1467 bill
  • Moved awards banquet from a dinner at the summer meeting to a luncheon at the fall meeting
  • Changed student representative to being elected as a sophomore
  • Began naming of undergraduate and graduate scholarships for IATA pioneers
  • Creation of two scholarships for high school students pursuing athletic training career
  • Naming of two high school scholarships for pioneering Indiana high school athletic trainers
  • Split summer meeting and golf outing to separate days
  • Began process of rotating the summer meeting around the state (north – central – south)
  • Initiated project of creating on line Hall of Fame page
  • Expanded President’s Breakfast to include all former executive council members and committee chairs
  • Established funding for three students to attend I Lead (Leadership, Education and Development training)
  • Established two $250 grants for IATA members to begin Star Track leadership curriculum
  • Hall of Fame display moved from Butler University to Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Recruited 35 volunteers to become involved in serving roles with the IATA


  • Membership apathy
  • Leadership pipeline was not established for IATA
  • Lack of consistent LAT reimbursement
Memories / Words of Wisdom:

“Always strive to make decisions today that position the IATA or the athletic training profession for a prosperous tomorrow”


2010 – 2012


  • Passage of HEA 1467 signed into law by Governor Mitch Daniels which will create opportunities for licensed athletic trainers to receive reimbursement from accident and sickness insurers and health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
  • Collaborative efforts with Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and Department of Education (DOE) to develop education materials in response to DOE Concussion Law
  • Increased revenue from annual IATA Golf Outing to benefit Licensed Athletic Trainer – Political Action Committee (LAT-PAC)
  • Approved new Diversity Scholarship
  • Renewed agreements with Lobbyist Group and Central Management Company
  • Initiated the archiving of the IATA’s history collection project
  • Initiated a Hall of Fame web page
  • Updated the IATA By Laws
  • Updated the Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Supported efforts to increase attendance at the Awards Banquet


  • Continued volunteer members to assist everyday efforts of the IATA

Memories / Words of Wisdom

“The exceptional individuals within the IATA who stepped up to make Indiana a leader in the profession of athletic training. I am forever grateful to the membership of the IATA for my continued memories.”


2012 – 2014


  • Creation of the IATA Diversity Award in conjunction with Kristine Ensign of the Diversity Committee to recognize members working to improve diversity within the profession.
  • Working with the IHSAA and Indiana Department of Education to help implement the new concussion law passed in 2012. We worked together to produce an inter-association statement guiding athletic trainers on the intricacies of the law and how it would affect them in their daily practices.
  • We worked with the state licensing board to help present to the Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee (ROEC) who was reviewing all regulated occupations for continued licensure. The IATA was recognized with a Dan Campbell Legislative Award for this effort.
  • Renaming the IATA Distinguished Service Award to the Joe A. Harvey Distinguished Service Award in honor of IATA’s 11th president
  • Forming the Young Professionals Committee to address the needs of athletic trainers making the transition from student to professional.
  • Successfully transitioning the IATA to a new management company as the association continued to grow.
  • Re-organization of the association infrastructure with revisions of bylaws and policy/procedure manual, creation of new EC organization including special committees.
  • Successful recruitment of over 40 new volunteers to work with the association bringing in new ideas and fresh perspectives.
  • Forming the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team and laying the ground work for this group to expand their network and abilities to respond.
  • Creating the National Athletic Training Month committee to focus promotional efforts and celebrate the profession.
  • Working with Eric Hall to put together the proposal submitted and ultimately selected (one of three) to participate in the NATA Third-party Reimbursement Pilot Program. This program is a three-year strategic process aimed to improve athletic trainer’s access to third-party reimbursement.
  • Leading the formation of the new IATA 5-year Strategic Plan. We started the process in July 2014 and the plan was adopted by the Executive Council in December 2014. This was an amazing process that showcased the resourcefulness and vision of a very dedicated workgroup of athletic trainers from throughout the state.
  • Laying the ground work to add athletic trainers to the Indiana Code as Healthcare Providers.


  • When I took office we had 8 of 11 Executive Committee members who were new to the association. This was great in the sense that it brought new ideas and energy, but also challenging in that there was some additional guidance needed as each individual learned the intricacies of their new position.
  • Working to educate membership on business opportunities including third-party reimbursement.
  • Facilitating the change between association management companies.
  • Updating the association documents (bylaws, policy and procedure manual) to reflect current practices.

Memories / Words of Wisdom

"I hear people say they’d like to be involved, but are too busy and don’t have time to commit. One of my favorite quotes is: “You generally can make time for things that are important to you; it’s not the time that’s lacking, it’s the will”. Member involvement is the heart of the association and our profession cannot survive/thrive without this. For me, serving the profession and working with the members of this board has been one of the best, most rewarding professional experiences of my career. I’ve very proud of what this board accomplished during my two years as president. If you are considering serving the association, I strongly encourage you to do it. It doesn’t take that much extra time and you won’t regret it. I certainly haven’t!"


2014 – 2016


  • Increased communication by replacing the newsletter to membership to having regular e blasts communicating information quicker with multiple mediums email, Facebook, and Twitter. This new process increased the open rate from the newsletter format.
  • Utilized Association Management to its fullest to get the IATA up to Best Practices with financial book keeping, meeting efficiency, and the transition of the EC positions as their terms expired.
  • Supported the Third Party Reimbursement Study through completion
  • Membership committee replaced by District Representatives
  • Renamed Athletic Trainer of the Year to Professional Excellence Award
  • Created CISM as a Special Committee
  • Indiana Licensing Board changed CEU reporting to coincide with the NATA CEU reporting year
  • Changed name of COR to Committee on Practice Advancement
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Bill passed
  • Healthcare Provider Bill passed adding Athletic Trainers to Indiana Healthcare Providers Statute
  • Received Campbell Award


  • Educating membership on the importance of the NPI number and not getting the support of the NATA /BOC making it mandatory to list the NPI number at the time of renewal and application
  • Educating membership, insurers, and employers about the benefits of utilizing Third Party Reimbursement for Athletic Training services and how this opportunity could change our profession

Memory / Words of Wisdom

“I would encourage all members at some point in their career to get involved with the Association in some capacity. You will meet people that you might not have met, and learn more about the IATA. There are so many ways to get involved and the help is always needed. Involvement is key to our growth of our profession by having new thoughts and perspectives to our needs, as our profession evolves.”


2016 - 2018


  • Made the role of Indiana state representative to GLATA a separate position within the IATA EC. The President no longer has a dual role.
  • Completed a full review of use of association management group. Completed an RFP to assure we were using the appropriate group
  • Completed a review of Summer and Fall meetings that ultimately resulted in a significant change to our meeting dates.
  • Oversaw completion of the NATA Third party reimbursement Pilot Program. Indiana saw great results in several area including a significant increase in number of payers reimbursing for AT services and number of AT’s billing for services.
  • Was instrumental in negotiating a $10,000 reduction in fees to be paid in final year of Third Party Project resulting in significant savings for the IATA.
  • Website redesign was done resulting in an updated look and increased functionality
  • Policies and procedures and Bylaws were both reviewed and appropriate changes were established
  • Along with others, helped to assured continuation of Athletic Training licensure through presentation / testimony in front of state legislative group.
  • Along with others, helped secure passing of HB 1024 Heat Preparedness Training for coaches.
  • Helped to begin to change the perception of the IATA as less of a “Good old boys” network.


  • Pending changes to educational model for AT’s
  • Philosophical differences between Educators, Clinicians, High School, etc. This makes everything more challenging. How do we bridge the gap that exists between us?
  • Continual battle with apathy that exists within our membership

Memory / Words of Wisdom:

“I began my athletic training career with a simple motto for myself…..’Make a Difference.’ I would encourage all AT’s to simply strive to make a difference. One does not have to run for office or be directly involved with the IATA to make a difference. Work hard, be a good, positive role model for all, be enthusiastic about our great profession……This is how one makes a difference.”

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